Info-tact is a firm specialised in the integration and installation of the DB2 UDB ESE (EE and EEE) databases on all platforms (Unix, Windows, Mainframe, AS/400).

We are offering our services from our office located in province of Alberta and Quebec, in Canada.

Analyse the existing system
Describe the application type.
Storage architecture.
Operation system tuning.
Network tuning.
Documentation of strengths and weaknesses

System architecture
Documentation detailing a method to implement DB2 in relation to your current system.
Documentation of standards facilitating maintenance.
Storage architecture.
Data architecture.
Data recovery architecture.
Creation of a Web page standardizing the access to system information.

DB2 Installation
System component configuration.
Task automation.
Data-recovery and backups.
Quality Assurance.

DB2 configuration
Database design.
Configuration of Instances.
Database configuration.
Configuration of the registers.
Implementation of System Administration tools.
Creation of roles to manage the access to the database.

A DBMS solution for COBOL
Migration of the current COBOL environment to a DBMS without requiring the modification of the existing COBOL modules.
Cost reduction in a DBMS solution due to an interface which allow the comminication of the COBOL files with a DBMS.

Performance Optimization
Configuration of parameters to optimize the speed of the DB2 database.
System design in order to facilitate its maintenance.
Use of performance tools.

DBA training oriented towards system integration that covers all aspects of the database.
Available for beginner and advanced level DBAs.

Technical Support
Technical Support can be provided remotely from our offices or as per specific customer agreements.